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Visions of Love from Heaven is Vera Cleveland's debut published work.

Ms. Cleveland is an educator by day, but has many layers including having a passion for writing. With pieces on life, love and relationships, Visions of Love from Heaven is sure to hit your reasoning while giving a flare of poetic rhyme. This combination of beautifully written poems and images is sure to leave a lasting impression for poetry lovers and readers of uplifting content alike.

Visions of Love from Heaven is sure to:
🔹Inspire you,
🔹Engage your imagination,
🔹Stir your soul,
🔹And leave you wanting more.


About Ms. Cleveland 

Educator, Author, and Entrepreneur

Vera Cleveland is passionate about education and committed to helping individuals draw out what’s already in them. Vera graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in 2009 (Education/Mathematics) and a Master’s Degree in 2015 (Curriculum & Instruction) ...

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